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Trump For Prison Mission

Posted by Jodi Miller on

I was horrified by the “Hillary For Prison” signs that littered the Catskills (and presumably everywhere) during 2016 Presidential Election Campaign. They felt really hostile... In February of 2017, I created a meme of those signs. “Trump For Prison” was born. Satire? Yes. But, also...

I am mad. “45” is a liar and a cheater, a manipulator and a criminal. The current administration is actively working against Americans. Every action and order is deliberately breaking down the ideals America stands for. Their actions are illegal and their administration should be held accountable.

Treason does not sit well with me. Why are his followers not outraged by this totally un-American behavior? In addition to treason, I believe he is guilty of collusion, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, racketeering, sexual assault and a myriad of financial crimes.

We’re Americans, and Americans step up. So we are taking it to the street. We won’t sit around and let a criminal systematically undermine and break down the basic tenets of our democracy. This is the foundation that America is built upon—the foundation that our forefathers fled to and fought for. We are brave enough to put up a yard sign and wear a t-shirt that tells our fellow citizens how we feel. It isn’t easy—it elicits some uncomfortable conversations—but democracy isn’t negotiable and we need to stand up for what we believe. We love this country and will defend its core principles. 

I want all of us to stand up together and say, "No!" this is not business-as-usual. I believe that when we show up at rallies—when we are vocal and let ourselves be counted we make a difference. I believe phone calls and postcards and emails make a difference. I believe educating others makes a difference. I believe signing petitions makes a difference. I believe making donations makes a difference.

I believe walking down the street in a Trump For Prison hat is a political action.  But mostly it is received with smiles and cheers. Numbers matter. Stand up and let your feelings be known.

This is why I produced Trump For Prison, to help give a voice to a movement that resonates with a lot of people. I am not that movement. We are all that Movement. 

Make a difference.

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—Jodi Miller, graphic designer turned activist 
Trump For Prison


photo by Kat Gooch-Breault