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Tweet Attack: Winter is Coming-err, Here!

Posted by Rob Mania on


Tweet Attack

Two weeks may be an eternity in Twitter-time, but conservatives never accept climate change as a fact. Hell, some of them don’t even understand evolution. So, even though everything that Al Gore warned about in An Inconvenient Truth has either come true or is behaving as predicted, we still have to go through this. So, in the next two weeks, when some conservative pundit says, “it’s so cold, there’s no global warming!” Here are some handy things you can say back.

  • If winter disproves global climate change/global warming, then night disproves the sun.
  • You might as well say, “there’s no way my car can have four flat tires, the gas tank is full!”
  • Do you ever say to yourself, “I can see the moon, therefore I can walk to it.”? Then maybe you need instruments other than your eyes to measure things properly.
  • What is it about your experience than makes you more qualified than 98% of climate scientists?
  • Did you not see than California is literally on fire? And do you not believe every fire fighter in that area that knows it’s gotten worse over the last ten years?
  • Unlike religion, facts affect you whether you believe them or not.
  • When you compare cars today to cars in the 1970s, they are lighter, better on gas, safer, and generally better in every way (except maybe personal tastes in style); so why are we still using the same oil sources to power them?
  • Instead of being stuck behind a wheel, wouldn’t it be better to try and build a real modern train system and have city planning for cyclists and pedestrians?
  • At this point, trying to argue that global warming doesn’t exist is like trying to argue fire doesn’t exist when your house is already burning down.
  • Everything we can do to prevent global warming is something we should be doing anyway. Having a decentralized power supply that includes energy farms encourages innovation while supporting small businesses and giving opportunities for both skilled and less-skilled labor. Oil and coal keep the means of production in the hands of the rich few while pushing down wages and externalizing the true costs like pollution and health care.
  • A tax on consumption is a regressive tax because people with less money have to spend more on basic necessities, while if you’re better off you can buy in bulk, and you have to be truly well off in order to invest in anything that actually increases in value over time. But a tax on carbon is a truly fair tax that will actually make people who have yachts and private planes and sports cars pay their fair share, as and reward those who can live modestly.
  • Did you know that Exxon knew about global warming in the late 1970s? This is not new news, this was settled science thirty years ago.

And a personal favorite:

  • Do you remember when we used to have four seasons? Now we have it abnormally warm until mid-December, then it drops right into winter. 


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