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Where’s the Outrage?

Posted by Gail Barth on

The Republicans are very good at getting indignant whenever a Democratic Congressman or president makes what they consider a slip (I mean, beyond Obama’s being black). Obama dared to put the name of a potential Supreme Court judge forward when he only had a year or so left in his term. Yes, to those rational, thinking, smart, non-Republicans, that was not only his right, but his duty as the sitting president. But Mitch McConnell poked his head out of his shell very quickly and very emphatically to say that was not the case. President Obama dared to request a certain kind of mustard. The nerve of that guy! (And did I mention he’s black?). So with all of Trump’s whoopsies, dementia-fueled moments, and increasing acts of sheer stupidity, here’s my question to Republicans: Where’s the outrage?

Trump still, in his continuing road rallies, gets his crowds of clearly clueless groupies to chant ‘Lock her up!’ even though Hillary was cleared of any wrongdoing in connection with the four deaths in Benghazi. So far, on Trump’s watch, the number of civilian deaths resulting from his quest to destroy ISIS are almost equal to the number of civilians lost during President Obama’s entire eight years. Also on Trump’s watch, military deaths in war zones are higher, which hasn’t happened in six years. His failed military strike in Yemen resulted in the death of one American sailor and many Yemeni civilians, including women and nine children. And then of course, there’s the mysterious operation in Niger in which four (yes, four—that number ring a bell?) US soldiers died. That’s a lot of deaths, both military and civilian. And many were American. So, four in Benghazi and hundreds on Trump’s watch: Where’s the damn outrage, Republicans? Are we ready to chant ‘Lock HIM up? And if not, why not?

In his Barnum and Bailey circus of a campaign, Trump repeatedly took swipes at Hillary for her association with Goldman Sachs. He was aiming, golden escalator aside, to be identified as an Everyman. One of us. You know, the people who don’t have a golden escalator, very much money, or, in the case of his mindless followers, a working brain. Then, upon becoming president, he promptly put at least five Goldman Sachs bankers in his administration. Where’s the outrage? Seriously. Where?!

The list of men currently falling like dominoes under the accusations of sexual misconduct continues to grow. And they come from a variety of professions: entertainment, news media, music, and, yes, politics. Senator Al Franken, Representative Ruben Kihuen, Raul Bocanegra, Representative John Conyers, senate nominee Roy Moore, Senator Brock Adams, and the list goes on. I heard Paul Ryan claim righteously in an interview that this behavior CANNOT be allowed. Here, in fact, are his exact words: “Sexual harassment has no place in any workplace, let alone in the United States Congress. The fact that some people walking these halls are subjected to a hostile or threatening work environment when they came here to serve their country, to serve their ideals, that’s wrong.” He called such behavior a ‘disgrace.’ When reporters asked him about the 16 women who have accused Trump of the same behavior, however, he refused to answer. Of course he did. Somehow, if you’re the sitting president, a Republican sitting president, such behavior is apparently okay. You are even, apparently, allowed to endorse a pedophile running for the senate. Trump’s obscene confessions on tape were, according to his son, merely ‘locker room banter.’ As Sarah ‘Goodtime Gal’ Huckabee Sanders said, all sixteen of Trump’s accusers are lying. Billy Bush, who is on tape with Trump when Trump said his infamous ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ remarks, affirms the truth of those remarks. And, of course, there were seven or eight other witnesses in the room. But Trump says they’re all lying, as well. Billy Bush, incidentally, lost his job over this; Trump, meanwhile, became president. Again I ask: Where’s the outrage? There’s probably more evidence to support a case against Trump than any of the other accused men, and yet he remains in office, and with the GOP’s blessing. And can you wrap your mind around what would have happened if only ONE woman had accused Barack Obama of such behavior? Oh my God, it boggles the mind. They would have lynched him (he is black, after all) and the Fox News anchors would have been both apoplectic and salivating all over their ‘fair and balanced’ copy.

I remember all the memes, editorial cartoons, and snarky comments about what some considered Obama’s continued violation of the Constitution. I recall a relative saying indignantly, ‘My God, has he even READ the Constitution?!’. Since he’s a Constitutional attorney, my guess is that he has, by the way. But with every stroke of the pen on executive orders, the naysayers called foul. Fast forward to the current president. Not only does he willfully and repeated violate the Constitution, but he’d like to change it to make it more president-friendly. After all, it’s hard to completely rule as a tyrant with pesky documents like that one in the way. Trump’s deluded disciples voted him in because they feared Hillary wouldn’t uphold the Constitution. What they’ve saddled us with is someone at the helm who, despite vowing to protect and defend it, considers the Constitution ‘archaic’ and considers it bad for the country. In short, we have a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to the Constitution. And I don’t see his congressional minions standing in his way.

Trump maintains control of his businesses, despite promises to the contrary; thus, he profits off the country. He has deleted at least twenty-two tweets, which is technically destroying presidential records since his own administration has said that his tweets are his official word. Refusing to enforce Obamacare so that the law can suffocate and die is a violation of the Constitution. He signs executive orders like one eats potato chips; he apparently can’t stop. Had Obama come close to signing that many, he would been up for impeachment, something Teflon Don keeps successfully sidestepping for God only knows why. He has attacked freedom of the press and free expression; he took soldiers into Syria without Congressional approval; he has abused the power of the president to pardon. He is turning protected lands over to drilling and mining (at the very least, this is likely illegal). A Boston Globe article entitled ‘Five Ways Trump May Have Violated the Constitution’ was published on January 31 of this year. At that point, he had been in office precisely eleven days. These aren’t the only Constitutional violations Trump has committed, of course, but it’s quite an impressive show of total disrespect for one of the three most important documents in our country’s history. And yes, once again there should be outrage. So much outrage. But he’s advancing an agenda mostly shared by his Congressional goon squad, so, of course, there will be no outrage.

These are only a few examples of so many incidents and situations that beg the question: Where’s the outrage? Apparently the Republicans are very selective in placing blame. Namely, if you’re Trump, it’s all good. If you’re anyone else, you’re a disgrace. To some degree, I get it. The GOP-controlled Congress is busy riding Trump’s coat tails, getting every piece of legislation passed asap that benefits them and their donors, while placing sometimes unbearable burdens and cruelty on the rest of the population, including the most fragile among us. I can only hope that as the orange engineer of their gravy train gets more and more demented and, hopefully, goes down for treason and/or assault, another set of dominoes will fall. And hopefully they’ll crush the dreams, aspirations, ambitions, and bank accounts of all those who not only don’t call outrage, but also amplify the reasons for it. Then, and only then, will they acknowledge that there is even cause for outrage. By then, however, it will probably be too late. 

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