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Tweet Attack!

Posted by Rob Mania on

Welcome to Tweet Attack, where I analyze the musings of a man who can’t take the word “real” out of his Twitter name.

Let’s start with the first part. A witch hunt, as most of you know, is the sweeping search for a non-existent enemy, with little, no, or knowingly false evidence to back up an accusation. Without getting into too big a history lesson, the first witch hunt most of us think of is the Salem Witch Trials, which Arthur Miller wrote about in his play, The Crucible. Miller, in turn, was shining a light on the madness of the hunt for communists, led by Senator Joseph McCarthy, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. If Trump truly believes that there is no evidence of Russian involvement, it is actually a reasonable use of the phrase.

But, I don’t understand why he used the word “phony.” Phony is one of the “best words” The Donald likes to use a lot. The word “phony” is redundant if he means a search, using deceptive practices, for evidence that does not exist. I think the phrase “witch hunt” tells the story well enough, and I can’t help but be reminded of reading that you don’t say “the deaf school,” because it would mean the school is deaf,” you say “the school for the deaf.”

On to part two: Way-way-way-wait. Let’s slow down. I think he means that two groups are pointing and laughing at the result of the election, the way you might look at a beat up Dodge Neon and say, “Ha ha! Look at that poor excuse for a car!” But, he might have meant that two groups are laughing at the reason Trump won the Electoral College Vote. Any high school English teacher would tell him to rewrite it for clarity.

So….Democrats and Russia are…laughing? Does he mean that he, Donald Trump, is laughing at both the Democrats and the Russians both attempting to win an election? Or does he mean that Russia and the Democrats are teaming up to throw him out of office?

This series is off to a rough start.


Side note: This article by the New York Times is a good look at the phrase “Witch Hunt,” but doesn’t apply to this article.

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