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Tweet Attack!

Posted by Rob Mania on

There are plenty of good technical reasons to rescind DACA. You might be against executive orders, for example. You might feel that the DACA is not a good enough measure, and that congress should take decisive action to pass a version of the DREAM Ace. You might even be of the opinion that DACA incentivizes future illegal immigration. Donald Trump, of course made none of these cases.

What really strikes me is that pulling DACA was his dumb idea, and now he’s excitedly saying “don’t worry, you’re safe for 6 months.” Isn’t this like the same parent saying he’ll ground you for life and then immediately saying he doesn’t mean it? 

The six month thing is a really risible example of how Trump wields his power. Imaging being at beach and getting sand intentionally kicked in your face. You stand up, puff out your chest, and in the meanest, Batman-ist voice you can you, you say, “I am going to kick your ass….in six months.”

This is, of course, how Trump speaks. He always backtracks, he always contradicts himself. He’ll say, Mexico sends rapists and murders—but some good people; he’ll say “you had bad people in that group” of Neo Nazis, but you know…there are plenty of good Neo Nazis, too. He must think that if you constantly contradict yourself you’re never wrong.

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