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Tweet Attack!

Posted by Rob Mania on


I know this is a small thing. And I understand I’m a little too “woke” for my own good. I admit it, I’ve spend more on avocados than diamond rings and I grew up in a house that I’ll never be able to afford. But I have to point out: the first thing Trump said about Heather Heyer is that she was beautiful.

I’ve never met Heather Heyer. She wasn’t famous; her friends and family and co-workers knew her, and that’s about it. I would say I know about as much about her as I know about Harambe the dead gorilla. But, she was killed fighting for what she believed in. So I think it’s fair to use the same rhetoric you would use to describe a soldier, fire fighter, or police officer who died in the line of duty.

Words like “brave,” “committed,” “patriotic”, “altruistic,” or “she was full of the milk of human kindness.” Now I’ve sure she was very pretty, but she wasn’t killed because she was beautiful, she was killed because some asshole longed for the good old days of the 1850s.

“Beautiful,” “incredible” and “truly special” are words you use to praise your pre-teen daughter. She was brave. She was brave because a brave person stands in in front of freedom and defends it for others, while a coward hides behind freedom. The President of the United States, after being torn apart for not condemning violent bigots for committing violent acts of bigotry, had a chance to at least acknowledge the pain and suffering of an innocent woman. And the best he could do is, “Sorry you’re dead, toots!”



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