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Trump Crushes Both the Dreams and the Dreamers

Posted by Gail Barth on

As President Obama left the presidency and vacated the Oval Office, he left behind a letter for the incoming president, a matter of courtesy. Time has shown us that Trump never listens to anyone with the greater wisdom and experience to guide him. Quite the opposite, in fact, even though a former president with eight years of experience would clearly be in the best possible position to advise. And advise he did, or tried to do, with his parting letter. In it, President Obama says,

“We’ve both been blessed, in different ways, with great good fortune. Not everyone is so lucky. It’s up to us to do everything we can [to] build more ladders of success for every child and family that’s willing to work hard.” 

At the time, Trump called the entire letter ‘beautiful’ and praised the outgoing president. I’m assuming that President Obama meant all children, including both the Dreamers and the Trump family nightmares. But it is standard operating procedure for Trump’s brain to do wheelies and backsies, especially when it comes to all things Obama. Since praising Mr. Obama’s letter, what passes for our current president has been so busy rolling back everything his predecessor enacted that the actual people affected by his sweeping actions simply don’t matter. As of today, the latest collateral damage is the 800,000 young people known as Dreamers, kids who came into this country illegally but have been protected by DACA since Obama put it in place. 

There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the country currently. The Dreamers are a drop in that bucket, but the drop that Trump promised to deport if he became president. The Dreamers are so American at this point that to send them back to their parents’ countries is, in many cases, sending them to foreign countries. Their home country is now America. For many, English is now their first language. I can’t even fathom how anyone can believe that this is the right and moral thing to do, nor can I imagine how these young people, many of them from Mexico and Latin American countries, feel with the threat of deportation hanging over their heads. The ladders of success to which Obama referred in his letter meant something to him; they mean nothing to the idiot currently in the Oval Office. The only thing that matters to him is undoing yet another act of compassion by President Obama.

Even his own party, including Paul Ryan, asked him to leave DACA in place, obviously to no avail. His huge stupidity is magnified by the foil of his tiny heart. Our country was built by dreamers. Many of us have been dreamers. Now, the young people affected by President Grinch's latest move just want to keep their part of the dream. To be fair, many of them are fulfilling dreams their parents had for them. Their dreams are now intertwined with others. The repercussions of ending the dreams of 800,000 people are mind-boggling. And the person who has made this decision is once again demonstrating that he is devoid of conscience and compassion.

Huckabee Sanders and Sessions (Trump’s enforcer) both lean on laws and the fact that laws were broken so that these kids could be here, but the kids didn't break any laws. And their parents wanted better lives for their children. That may have been breaking a law, but they broke it for all the right reasons. Trump’s mouthpieces claim that it is our laws that make us the country we are. I maintain that if we don't exercise common sense mixed with a liberal dose of compassion in cases like this, then we are no longer the country we have always claimed to be. And I find it ironic that anyone in the Trump administration would throw around any comments on the importance of obeying laws when the president himself has spent his life cheating hundreds of contractors out of money, probably playing fast and loose with his taxes, and possibly committing treason against the very country he claims to be protecting against law-abiding Dreamers. Young people who pay their taxes and contribute to society, something Trump is incapable of doing, really don’t trouble me. But Trump and his hypocrisy certainly do.

I never really thought much about what the whole Dreamer thing meant. Now that I’ve read about it and heard just a few of the stories, I get it. I heard an ultra conservative jerk of a radio personality say, ‘Well, what about OUR kids?!’ Well, what about them? I don’t believe for a second that these kids are stealing jobs away from us or taking food from our children’s mouths. Not for a second. And they are, at this point, essentially fellow Americans, anyway. And while we're worrying about ‘our} kids, maybe we should worry about what lesson they’re learning yet again from the current administration: It's possible that your place in the world isn’t secure, that America is NOT the land of opportunity, that there is no place in our country for people who are different, that the president of the country the Dreamers now call home cares nothing about them and their dreams. Fine lessons to teach children, no matter where their dreams were forged.

Trump has deferred the abolishment of DACA for six months to give lawmakers a while to figure out how to proceed. I’m sure he thinks this is a wise move; I call it cowardly. No one knows what will happen if Congress can't agree on where to go from here and, therefore, does nothing. But, in my opinion, Dreamers are entitled to dream. And I, too, have a dream: That the current president is ultimately subjected to the same heartless treatment he has consistently ladled out with such gusto to so many since he took office. That’s a dream I'll hold close to my heart.

LInda ESsner

September 10, 2017

Approximately how old are these DREAMers now and how many have applied for citizenship? Seems they would certainly be old enough by now. What are the stats as to how many work, how many have or are attending college. There are a lot of unanswered questions here. Also, didn’t President Obama set a date for this to be reevaluated? Just asking as I have read many different opinions

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