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Trump a Victim of Prejudice (Against the Orange)

Posted by Gail Barth on

I need to address a serious failing in the American people that I'm just now seeing clearly for the first time. To be fair, it wasn’t nearly as big a problem prior to Trump’s election, but he is certainly a victim now, and many of us should be ashamed. The issue to which I refer is one of human rights and is, of course, racism. Specifically, racism directed at orange people.

We’ve seen many hurtful examples of this since Trump took office. The man loves golf. Sure, he criticized our former president for his golfing habit. Sure, Obama averaged 38 rounds of golf a year, (thirty-eight rounds!), and Trump played 19 rounds in his first three months in office. But Trump is working, dammit, so his criticism of Obama for playing golf during his presidency is understandable, even laudable. Obama was clearly lazy and unfocused. And orange people have every bit as much right to play golf as black or even white people. 

President Obama was criticized for supposedly turning his back on Israel. Indeed, it appears he did. He claimed to be part of a deal to hold off nuclear war with Iran, but he ticked off Israel big time. Trump, on the other hand, has turned his back on Canada. And Mexico. Allies both. And various Muslim countries. And made things a tad uneasy with the U.K. But his reasons are far more solid than his predecessor: these countries did not support Trump as he felt he should be supported. Period. And just because Mr. Trump is orange is no reason to diss him for keeping America safe from Canadians. And Mexicans. And terrified women and children. And, hey, he HAS courted Russia and its illustrious leader, which should go a long way toward keeping us safe. He and Mr. Putin have an easy relationship that portends good things when it comes to Russian/US relations. Yes, Mr. Trump has been under suspicion for possible collusion with Russia during his campaign, but that’s because—and only because—he’s orange. And that’s just wrong.

And how about those executive orders Obama signed! A disgrace! He signed 277 Executive Orders during his eight years in office. That’s an average of 35 executive orders per year in office. That’s unconstitutional. My god, has that man even READ the Constitution?! As an editorial in the Washington Post indignantly stated: “Under close scrutiny it is plain that the White House’s numbers are indefensible. It is similarly plain that the scale of Mr. Obama’s move goes far beyond anything his predecessors attempted.” And Obama’s executive orders were for things like curtailing deportations, minimum wage for government contractors, and the like. You know, issues only snowflakes would care about. It’s true that In his first 200 days in office, Mr. Trump signed many. But they were necessary. Clearly necessary. They are fulfilling a promise he made to undo everything that Obama did. And then some. But they are clearly not unconstitutional, despite what some judges are saying. What do they know? To look at this from a different, more practical perspective, Obama’s 277 executive orders, a total on par with modern presidents before him, is actually the lowest per-year average (35) in 120 years. Liberals might find this admirable. Trump signed 42 executive orders in 200 days. Who do you suppose is working harder to make America great again? Clearly not our former president.

Mr. Trump has been accused of siding with white supremacists, an accusation he denies, and rightfully so; as a victim of color prejudice himself, no way would he do anything to show disrespect for others of color. He knows firsthand the pain of being considered inferior because of who he is: an orange person. So it can’t be true that he would treat others that way. He knows that orange lives matter just as much as black lives. And a tad more than Muslim lives.

Now, with this business about Weinstein and the high profile sexual harassment accusations against him, Mr. Trump and members of his family are condemning him, and rightfully so. But some critics are pointing out what they call the hypocrisy of this, citing Mr. Trump’s own comments about women and what he liked to do with/to them. But the reality is that if Mr. Trump were not orange, no one would have forced the issue. Clearly, Mr. Trump’s comments were mere locker room banter, not to be taken seriously. There have even been lewd statements to the effect that, as an orange man, his sexual member might be larger than those of any other color. Nothing could be more hurtful than having others judge you by your color. It's a deep, ugly hurt that Mr. Trump takes to his orange heart.

Let’s talk about expenditures. Obama was criticized for money spent on his vacations, for secret service and the like. Mr. Trump is spending money like water, sure, but we taxpayers are happily footing the bill because these are necessities. Son Barron had to be allowed to finish his year of school in New York; to do otherwise would be cruel to a child. Apparently, Obama didn’t care about his girls. Probably because he’s something other than orange. Orange people care more. Obviously. It cost taxpayers one million dollars a day to protect the First Lady and her son while they were in the New York White House. That’s a lot, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. And when Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago, it costs three million dollars each trip. But these are working trips and he has a right, even as a person of orange, to be comfortable. Time out on the links will keep Mr. Trump healthier. Obama’s total cost for protection on trips was 97 million over eight years; Mr. Trump is on track to surpass him in his first year in office. But I’m sure he’s making himself totally worth the expense. Orange people are hard workers.

I have to think prejudice against Orange people is driving any unhappiness with Mr. Trump. It is, unfortunately, very obvious. It is true, of course, that many people who opposed President Obama every step of the way for all eight years now seem okay with Mr. Trump, even though he does what Obama did but to extreme excess. But sadly, a lot of people find Trump offensive. So that’s the racism against orange people, and it disgusts me. Even though it looks like an awful lot of people were prejudiced against Mr. Obama because he is...a lawyer?...brilliant?...maybe, just maybe, because he’s black? I mean, it makes you wonder. I hate to think it. If so many people are fine now with what they found intolerable in Obama, COULD it be because Obama’s black? I’m sure there must be another reason. Americans are better than that. But there’s definitely prejudice among many against persons of orange. That’s obvious. And that just isn’t right.

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