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Tone Deaf Trump

Posted by Mattie S. Cooper on

The one telling trait of tone deaf people is that they can’t tell they can’t hear music. They’ll sing their hearts out and hit nary a correct note in a song without a clue. Those who love and care for these individuals just stick ear plugs in their ears and smile, knowing nothing they say will stop their tone deaf loved one’s caterwauling.

We as a nation, unfortunately, are stuck with a tone deaf president, and we don’t have any ear plugs.

Can Trump sing? Maybe, but the “tone” I’m talking about is one of attitude and compassion. We may be the first generation in the history of the United States to encounter a completely heartless bastard as chief executive, a selfish cretin who couldn’t mutter a genuinely kind word if his life depended upon it.

Folks stuck in a Hurricane Harvey storm shelter are “happy”—or so he says. “It’s been a wonderful thing… It’s been beautiful,” he claims. Say what?  How the hell can people feel “happy” when they’ve just lost their homes? How is that situation remotely “wonderful” or “beautiful”? Can’t he tell their smiles are ones of politeness and fear over what the future may bring? Is there such as thing as “tone blindness” as well as tone deafness?

Tone blind and deaf Trump sees Nazis and Klansmen in Charlottesville, Virginia and calls them “nice people.” Does he not realize that fascist racists aren’t “nice” in any normal sense of the word? Does he not hear their vile words and see their evil deeds of beating up an innocent bystander and running over a peaceful protester, or does he simply chose to ignore them? (And does this mean he tacitly approves of what they say and do?)

While a tone deaf singer can be painful to listen to, a tone deaf president can be dangerous to all life on Earth. He threatens to nuke North Korea, a small, poor country with a GNP of less than half the state of Vermont. Does he not realize that nuclear fallout travels around the world and has no respects for boundaries? Does he not realize bullying is wrong and makes the U.S. look bad in the eyes of the world, making our nation’s security even more unattainable?

The latest incident of tone deafness really gives one pause—Trump wants to deport almost 800,000 DREAMers who have made a contract with the government to become citizens, since they were brought to this country illegally as children by their parents. These DACA children have grown up into hard-working taxpayers with a lower rate of criminal behavior and a higher rate of higher education than your average, so-called “regular American.” In essence, Trump wants to deport solid, moral human beings who work as doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, engineers, mechanics, nurses, dentists, I.T. specialists and serve honorably in our military. How short-sighted can he be (tone blindness) about the catastrophic effect it will have on our economy (and national security) once these highly trained workers are gone? Or is this just plain ol’ fashioned bigotry against all “foreigners” on his part?

Is there a cure for Trump's tone deafness and blindness? It’s doubtful. Hearing aids and corrective lenses won’t help him—he needs a completely brand new heart it seems.

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