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Their Eyes Were Watching Golf: Trump Family Travel Expenses Wipe Out Secret Service Budget

Posted by Samuel O’Brient on

We all know that Donald Trump consider the White House to be a “real dump.” How do we know this? It made headline news when a reporter for Golf magazine published an article quoting the President on it, emphasizing that no less than eight people witnessed this historic statement.

Our 45th president has certainly never been one to shy away from outrageous statements that have left even the most conservative minds baffled, wondering how this man could ever say such things. When news of his feelings regarding his home, one of our nation’s most beloved and historic buildings hit the airwaves, many people were forced to question if he truly meant it. I’m inclined to take him at is word. Allow me to explain.

Did you catch the Trump’s statement about the White House was broken by Golf Magazine? That detail is important. During the interview Trump was playing golf at his Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach Florida. According to, Trump spent “more than half of his weekends away from the White House” during the first 13 weeks of his presidency. In the months since his inauguration, he took so many golf trips that a “liberal political non-profit”, known as the Center for American Progress Action Fund, was inspired to create a website dedicated to tracking exactly when he was on the golf course and not in the oval office. To this day, you can still go to to track his whereabouts.

It seems like a given at this point that President Trump certainly prefers his Palm Beach club to the White House. It’s not unreasonable to prefer playing golf over your day job, but as President of the United States, there is a big difference between Trump and the rest of us. Most of us prioritize our jobs over our hobbies because we have bills to pay and people who depend on us. As leader of the free world, President Trump has quite a few people who depend on him. Has this compelled him to cut back on his golf trips? That certainly does not appear to be the case. This past Easter weekend marked his 25th day spent at the club since his January inauguration, according to Town and Country Magazine. In the months since then, Trump doesn’t appear to have neglected that all too important golf swing he seems to care so deeply about perfecting.

And, just how much are we, the taxpayers, spending to pay for our leader’s frequent golf trips. According to one source, each Mar-a-Lago trip costs the American taxpayers approximately $3.6 million dollars. That statistic comes from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Why zero in on President Trump's golfing habit now? It recently hit the press that the Secret Service Agency only has enough money to pay it’s workers through September 30th. It has been made abundantly clear that a primary reason for this budget emergency is the constant traveling that the president and first family have been doing. Given the reported cost of each Mar-a-Lago trip, it's no wonder the secret service is hurting. In addition to protecting the president's wife and young son, the Secret Service also provides protection for the four adult Trump children. Ouch!

This certainly presents a problem us, the taxpayers, and for the President's golf game. Will he finally be forced step away from the golf course and do his job? We’ll be waiting to find out. No one seems to know how Trump is going to go about handling this situation, as it is a rather unusual one for a president to have to deal with. And, surely it is one his chief advisors, the former military generals, haven't dealt with before. Does Mar-a-Lago have good security guards? Trump better hope so because starting in October, he may be without his security team.

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