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The (Primal) Scream

Posted by Jodi Miller on


“Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election” took place at 7:30 in Washington Square Park on November 8, 2017 at the famous Arch which is so incredible right now because it coincides with artist/activist Ai Wei Wei and the Public Art Fund’s Good Fences Make Good Neighbors art piece (there are hundreds of pieces in locations around NY’s five boroughs) which is about walls and hostility towards refugees and dividing people. Incredible works.

This has been a really politically stressful year. Everyday another phone alert, another horrible action by our administration—most of it feels unnecessary and hostile. I feel sick and stressed everyday. Because of my business (, I am not just regular upset, I am swimming in it. Constant news 24/7, immersed. Insulted and threatened all day long, mostly by children repeating the same strange rhetoric (butthurt libtard snowflake). I looked forward to a bit of a release with like-minded folk. 

The Scream was amazing. My cords are still vibrating.

Maybe the turnout wasn’t amazing because of the banner day Election Day we just had. I am feeling optimistic. I’m sure many are.

A lot of Trump supporters were there (maybe because of Election Day results, too) to inexplicably walk around and tell us that the event was pointless and we shouldn’t be doing it. Wait, what? You came here to tell me what? This event cost no money, caused no disturbance, had no real message—only existed to “enjoy a collective cathartic yell into the heavens about our current political establishment.” And yet these people felt necessary to show up and try to stop our “pointless” fun and catharsis? Blarg. It kind of sucked. And people were engaging with them, peacefully, but meh. 

It was totally peaceful, the cops were great, the scream felt amazing, but meh. Why does everyone need to be all up in everyone’s business? Why do the Trump supporters feel entitled to an explanation of how I am feeling and then proceed to tell me that my feelings are wrong? 

I think scream parties are going to be all the rage this year. It really felt good.

 NYC Light BrigadeNYC Light BrigadeNYC LIGHT BRIGADE #fightwithlight 


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