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The Saga of DC and Bones Jones

Posted by Rob Mania on

Daniel “DC” Cormier (pronounced “KOR, like apple core,-ME-AY”) is the current UFC light heavyweight champion. After a successful run as a wrestler, he began fighting MMA in 2009, defeating all his opponents until he challenged Jon “Bones” Jones for the championship in 2014. Bones had ascended the ranks faster than any other MMA fighter in history, and even though it was early in his career, many predicted that he might one day be the greatest of all time. Jones won the fight.

Although no fighter was able to defeat Jones in the ring, his personal demons did, and mistakes he made in his personal life caused him to be suspended and stripped of the title; Daniel Cormier was the top ranked contender, and was declared the champion.

It took several years before a rematch, which was pushed back once due to injury, and again when Jones tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) . When the two finally fought, Jones knocked out DC with a violent kick to the head.

But the story didn’t end there. The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) determined that Jones had used PED’s on the night of the fight, and again Jones was stripped of the title and DC was given the belt. 

By now, you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with U.S. politics. And here is why: It’s about fairness. Jones cheated and won, and the record was reversed because if he didn’t cheat, he would have lost. If he didn’t cheat, he would have lost. So, even though Cormier never beat Jones, it’s only fair that the fight results be thrown out and DC be declared the champ. Because, and I want you to pay attention here, in the UFC, when you cheat, you don’t get to keep the things you cheated to get.

But politics?

If evidence is discovered –disputable evidence—that Clinton rigged the primary, and then evidence comes out –indisputable evidence—that a foreign government then used that evidence to discredit Clinton and push Trump to an electoral college victory, I think we need to have a serious discussion as to whether it is constitutional to reverse the 2016 election results, force a recall of all Trump’s appointments, and just plain install Bernie Sanders as president. I’m not saying we should absolutely do that, I’m saying it is fair to discuss it.

Because…and I hope you’re with me here, Hillary may have cheated, and Trump definitely cheated, and it seems pretty clear to me that Bernie Sanders would have won in a fair election. So why is it that the sport where you punch and kick someone until they can’t stand up, then choke them until they pass out is somehow less disreputable than politics.


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