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The Legacy of Republicanism

Posted by Mattie S. Cooper on

Ronald Reagan’s legacy is still being felt for the worst. Take the situation of Houston, Texas for example. The Army Corps of Engineers considered it vital to protect the area from hurricane damage. They sought to preserve the great meadows of prairie grass because these grasses can absorb more than twenty times the amount of water than the average suburban lawn and has roots so deep it can’t be washed away by flooding. And yet, the Army Corp’s advice was ignored in pursuit of ever greater profit. Thirty-plus years of lax to non-existent building codes led to the massively absorbent prairie grass being replaced by thousands of square miles of tarmac and concrete. 

And people wonder why Houston flooded so readily, displacing thousands of people, most often the poor. As if this insult to injury isn’t enough, Texan Representatives Johnson, Hensarling and Barton voted against federal disaster relief for the affected area. The after effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years, if not decades, yet stalwart Trump supporters would rather give massive tax breaks to the rich and subsidies to the corporations responsible for creating those lax building codes through the bribing of politicians.

Now we have Hurricane Irma. Millions are still without power, and the lingering effects of this storm on the people and the economy of the region will be beyond imagine. Will Congress do right by those affected? Don’t hold your breath. Remember how Florida government officials are forbidden to mention those dreaded words “climate change?” Trump’s senior adviser also refuses to use the term, as if not saying a word makes the unmentionable thing go away. Anyone older than age three knows this simply isn’t the case.

Donald Trump’s election as president has ushered in an era of evermore extreme right-wing politics. We’re already seeing the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis crawling out from beneath their rock to attack or threaten anyone of color or a different religion. Poorly trained, militarized cops in our cities act as police, jury, judge—and all too often—executioner, especially where minorities are concerned. Trump’s latest fascistic act came when he cancelled the DACA program, causing 800,000 to fear for their future. Most of these young people have no affiliation to their countries of birth. They are hard-working, educated, and many own businesses which employ many others and strengthen local economies.

The “Dreamers” try their best to serve their adopted country well, yet Trump has threatened their future—and the future of the very communities who benefit from their skills and labor—over a matter of Republican, racist ideology. It’s as if these right-wingers wished the Civil Rights Movement never existed and can’t wait to re-instate the Jim Crow laws.

It’s been their goal all along, according to Nancy Maclean’s latest book Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America. Isn’t it time we stop their destruction of our country and our society? As seen in the Wikileaks transcripts of the DNC emails, the DNC’s decision to promote the most obnoxious Republican “pied-piper” candidate for president to make Clinton look better by comparison has backfired in the most spectacular fashion—and now we’re all reaping the hurricane. It’s time for a clean up.

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