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The Greatest Show on Earth

Posted by Gail Barth on


Barnum and Bailey isn’t gone;
It’s active as can be.
The Greatest Show on Earth is now
In Washington, DC.

You still must pay to get inside;
The Big Top is your goal.
But now instead of cold hard cash,
The ticket is your soul.

There is no end of clowns, no matter
Where in town you are,
And Paul and Mitch each take a turn
To drive the small clown car.

The orange ringmaster is there
Pretending not to know
That every move he makes
Has people laughing at his show.

Pence will take your tickets, but 
In order to get in,
You must agree that gays are bad
And women equal sin.

When all the pretty horses round
The center ring and bow,
They must not stumble, slip or fall,
They have no healthcare now.

Carson will, of course, fly high 
As trapeze artists go,
’Cause fear is just a state of mind
Like poverty, you know.

Sessions, Flynn, and Manafort
We’ll miss because they’re all
On loan to Russia’s circus and
Awaiting Putin’s call.

Lion tamer Sanders will
Hold back the angry beast,
In fact, her temper serves her well
So she’ll survive, at least.

DeVos is on the wire
Tippy-toe-ing all the way;
Her school was not accredited,
So she may fall today.

So many more performers, 
Expert showmen, one and all,
So grab your popcorn, get a seat,
You’re sure to have a ball.

The circus and the government
Don’t have their former worth.
It’s tragic, but Trump’s act is now
The greatest show on Earth.


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