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The Dirty DACA Decision: Hispanic Business Leader Sheds Light on Trump’s Potential Lie

Posted by Samuel O’Brient on

The incredibly controversial presidency of Donald Trump has, without question, had many twists and turns that have left even the most experienced political minds confused and concerned. He garnered early support from select groups by following through on promises he made while on the campaign trail, but other moves he made only spread fear and alarm among the more moderate voters. Recently, the “leader of the free world” has ruffled many feathers with a decision that may prove that making promises you don’t intend to keep can sometimes come back to haunt you. 

The President announced last week that he would be overturning DACA  (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  If this comes to pass, the consequences will be devastating. Enacted during Barack Obama’s time in office, the bill has granted amnesty to almost 800,000 undocumented immigrants who entered the United States before the age of 16.  When Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration’s plan to rescind the act, it was met with considerable outcry from people on both sides of the isle. One important political figure, however, raised a key point that called another important matter to attention.

Javier Palomarez currently serves as Head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  He made it clear that he will consider stepping down from his position if President Trump does not cease moving forward with his plan to terminate the bill that protects so many. While the motion is on a six-month delay, Palomarez plans to do everything in his power to prevent it from carrying. He’s done more than simply list the numerous reasons why overturning the bill would be highly devastating for many different people from coast to coast. Palomarez recently called to mind his leader’s campaign promises to protect the members of the United States’ Hispanic communities, reminding us of everything Trump said during the campaign to attract Hispanic voters. His lofty statements raised many eyebrows among the more skeptical American minds and Palomarez has raised a point indicating that perhaps these skeptics are going to be able to say “I told you so.” The icon of the Hispanic business community made clear that he sincerely hopes Trump will rescind his motion to repeal DACA. “If Trump does not change his mind” Palomarez stated, “he is a liar.” 

Lying Politicians are a phenomenon nearly as old as democracy itself, but not every crooked leader is called out as masterfully as Palomarez called out Trump. Until the ink dries on the new bill the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce head isn’t giving up. He also made clear that he intends to work with the Trump administration in hopes that their leader will, in fact, change his mind and keep DACA in place. 

In a recent interview, he described times such as these as “The type of moments that define people, define American leaders.” That statement does an excellent job of summing up the current political scene involving President Trump and his desire to overturn the bill protecting thousands upon thousands of immigrant children. His character continues to be defined by every decision he has made since his campaign began, from implementing strict regulations for middle eastern travelers simply based on religion to failing to condemn the actions of the white nationalists of the recent Charlottesville riots. How will he proceed with the DACA decision? We’ll be watching. 

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