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The Curse of Trump

Posted by Mattie S. Cooper on

Halloween is rapidly approaching, so haunted houses and scary monsters are on a lot of folks’ minds. One horror story developing is about one of Trump’s infamous tweets. This one lays a “curse” on us all.


9/14/17 Trump Tweet:

“Bernie Sanders is pushing hard for a single payer health care plan—a curse on the U.S. & its people . . .’

What does Mr. Trump really mean by this incoherent tweet? Does he want to curse us all by never allowing us to have universal health care? Or is it something about the “curse” many working poor in the mostly Republican-controlled Southern states already suffer because their state legislatures wouldn’t accept the Medicaid expansion program of the A.C.A.? Or does Trump simply think Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All bill is a “curse” because it will guarantee health care coverage to the working poor, the elderly, children, people of color, immigrants, and the disabled, groups he doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of?

If it’s because of any of those reasons then perhaps it’s not Medicare for All (or a single payer health care plan) that’s a curse, but Mr. Trump himself.

“Where can we begin on that?” Senator Bernie Sanders asked rhetorically in an interview a day after the tweet. “Mr. President, let me tell you what a curse on the American people is, and that is your support for legislation that would throw 23 million people off the health care they currently have, and then provide huge tax breaks for the rich and large corporations.”

“Providing health care to every man, woman, and child in this country? That’s not a curse. That is what every other major country on earth does and that is exactly what we should be doing,” Bernie added.

To break a curse in horror stories, the hero usually has to go after the evil wizard, vampire, ghost or other paranormal being that placed the curse upon him and render this creature powerless. So, let’s sharpen our metaphorical stakes, get out our Ghostbuster gear and load up the magic silver bullets and go out hunting for all who would curse Americans to be without universal, single payer health care. We can start by going after the pumpkin-colored creature with the straw toupee first, because once the head of the best is detached from the body, its members will wither and die.

We all could use a happy ending this Halloween, couldn’t we?


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