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Snowflake Nation

Posted by Gail Barth on

I’m fascinated by the term ‘snowflake’ as it relates to politics these days. I’ve always been a fan of snowflakes, the fluffy kind that signal the holiday season and gum up my driveway, that is. Unfortunately, now they connote a specific kind of ‘butt-hurt’ person, and attempt to gum up my self-image instead.

Snowflakes in today’s political climate are overly sensitive, politically correct, easily offended sissies. Usually, the term is lobbed from right wingers to and about those on the left. But I think that observing Trump and those groupies who refuse to acknowledge that they’re supporting a lying sack of excrement (and that includes Sean Hannity, whose lip prints are a permanent part of Trump’s ass complexion) has pretty well established who the real snowflakes are.

Looking at all the memes that creative minds came up with based on the G7 summit really make the point: Trump looking like he wants to take his marbles and go home because the collective doesn’t want to admit serial killers into their circle. Trump arriving late and disrupting the meeting. Trump with his protruding lower lip and crossed arms, looking for all the world like he’s a naughty child being denied dessert. And that, folks, is a snowflake. Emphasis on the flake, of course.

I have relatives who still maintain that Trump is the Chosen One, and they still rail on about Benghazi and Hillary’s emails. The reason, of course, is that they have absolutely nothing else upon which to base their hatred of the candidate who really won the election and who is actually smart enough, literate enough, and qualified enough to be president. But to admit that would be to admit that their dubious choice is the antithesis of qualified. And so they get pretty pissy about the situation, which I attribute largely to guilt and embarrassment (I don’t want to think that I have relatives too stinking stupid to figure it out), and those, folks, are snowflakes.

The Fox News team, Hannity in particular, get pretty fired up, and create scandals and trump up stories (see what I did there?) like the colossal whopper about spies planted in the Trump campaign by the FBI, whoppers which they can then pass on to Trump every morning as he sits on his golden flushing throne. Trump accepts everything he’s fed by the Fox team as truth and then spouts it forth in righteous tweets that showcase both his stupidity and his gullibility, clueless that these ‘facts’ are worth less than the paper on which he wipes his generous ass. And Hannity and his cohorts (the females, as a whole, looking like blonde members of the Aryan Nation) whine and lie these days with a certain desperation that viewers have never seen before, as if they know they’re backing an idiot but don’t know how to extricate themselves from his web of idiocy and their own web of daily lies. And those, once again, are snowflakes.

But back to the biggest flake of all, His Royal Orangeness. Crowds aren’t big enough, so he embellishes. The environment didn’t kiss up to him, so he craps on it. The impoverished and desperate immigrants have nothing to offer him, so they are denied entry and separated from their children. Affordable healthcare for all doesn’t benefit him, so it can’t happen. People who either know him for what he is, call him out on his lies, or simply refuse to acknowledge what he imagines to be his own greatness are insulted and given demeaning and childish nicknames. He acts the schoolyard bully to cover for a serious deficit in intelligence and common sense. His feelings get crushed every time someone points out that he has no clue how to do his job. Other world leaders know he’s an unqualified fool, and he knows they know, resulting in more uncomfortable moments played out on the world stage and more equally uncomfortable tweets that seemingly pour out of him like burrito-fueled diarrhea. If this behavior and so much more doth not a snowflake make, then I’m not sure what does.

But what I am sure of is that those of us who oppose the current administration aren’t the snowflakes; rather, we’re the plows. And we’re aware that we have a lot of heavy, cold, dangerous snow to move out of the way come this November. Meanwhile, Trump and his merry band of flakes will continue to make their smug labeling of the Left as snowflakes ironic. Yep, these snowflakes need to melt for sure; now let’s do what we can to make it a very warm November.


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