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Shit We Wouldn’t Put Up With Obama Doing (That Is Somehow OK When Republicans Do It)

Posted by Rob Mania on

  • Make easily disprovable claims about how many people watch him on TV or in person
  • When asked what he and his daughter have in common, say, “sex!”
  • Say, “corporations are people too!”
  • Sing “Bomb Iran!” to the tune of “Barbara Ann.”
  • Demand loyalty from the lawyer who could prosecute him.
  • Live down even the rumor, even if it were started on Twitter by The Onion, that there is a tape of him being pissed on by Russian hookers.
  • Have his ex-wife write a novel where the main character’s husband buys her a fur coat…then fucks her and comes on the coat.
  • Accuse the other side of holding military pay hostage so he can get his preferred immigration plan.
  • Spend $24 million upgrading the refrigerators on Air Force One.
  • Tell a member of the Secret Service to fetch him a diet coke.
  • Take a fucking ton of golf trips. Like, he just went on one while I wrote this.
  • Played golf 45 times in one year, at a cost to the taxpayer of $50 million.
  • Had his wife live separately from him, at taxpayer expense, of course.
  • Refer to his home in Florida as “The Winter White House.”
  • Try to brag that taxpayers will take home a whopping dollar fifty a week more because of his tax plan.
  • Call a protester a son of a bitch.
  • Have an affair and pay $130,000 to keep it quiet.
  • Promise someone $130,000 to keep quiet…and not pay her.
  • Eat at a restaurant that serves shark fin soup. Even if he doesn’t eat the soup or know it was on the menu.


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