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Reflections on 9/11/17

Posted by Michael Lyman on

Like many people in America, and around the world, September 11 for me is a day of reflection. I reflect back on a tragic day and the lives lost in New York when the World Trade Center towers fell, and the world changed. I reflect on what that meant for our nation and how that changed everything from our definition of security to our understanding terrorism.

President Bush spoke to the nation and eased the fears of many, while many others continued to be in shock. As his approval ratings skyrocketed the next day, before any action at all had been taken, the nation united. But in many ways, as the years of war that followed and the divisive nature of our politics widened over time, it’s important to take stock of where we are as state and a culture.

Arab became synonymous with terrorist. Republican became synonymous with war mongering, as liberal became synonymous with weak. We see each other differently. Hate and fear have conquered us. Terrorists have achieved their goals.

While writing for a site like this, one that calls for the impeachment and imprisonment of a fraudulent president, it is easy to be vitriolic and sometimes think of those I disagree with in a manner that is hateful. I have to remember that just because someone is different or disagrees with me, they are not evil. They are not the problem. The problem lies in our divisions and our accentuation of those divisions in a post-9/11 world that has cultivated fear.

I want all those who read these articles and buy this merchandise to remember where we are and where we’ve come from. President Trump used that fear to get himself elected. The Trump campaign used a foreign government to that end. Since inauguration, this administration has continued to lie, be caught in those lies, and steer us closer to another dangerous situation, often feeding into the recruitment of terrorists world wide. On 9/11 al Qaeda numbered in the hundreds. Now global terrorist groups number in the tens of thousands.

This is a time to be vigilant and to fight for the justice that we deserve when it comes to obtaining the truth about this president’s illicit affairs, but it is not a time to hate. It is not a time to fear. We need to reflect back on that fateful day and remember that which united us shortly after, not the vengeance we sought and the divisions, both within the US and throughout the world, that have enveloped us.

Whether President Trump leaves his office by way of impeachment, resignation, or democratic election years from now, we need to spend this time coming together and finding ways to make America a better place, and the world a safer place. That does not happen by arguing, fighting, going to war; that happens through understanding, sympathizing, and learning.

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