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Questions for Conservatives

Posted by Rob Mania on

I have a question, and it’s not rhetorical. I honestly want to know: Do conservatives feel this crazy when Democrats are in power?

When I think of president Trump, I see a narcissistic man-baby; I see him taunting the dictator of North Korea like a schoolyard bully; I see him telling five lies a day. As a result, I find myself watching videos questioning if Trump merely has a personality disorder or is legitimately suffering from Alzheimer’s; the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have put the symbolic doomsday clock at two minutes to midnight; he has overloaded mental bandwidth to the point that we have to figure out which lies are worth pointing out. 

Did conservatives really watch the news when Barack Obama was in power and want to hide under the covers? Were they that incensed? 

I keep coming back to the Latte Salute. Way back in September of 2014, president Obama, stepping off Marine one, gave a hasty salute to the marines on the ground while holding a coffee cup. Yep, that was it. Obama had just announced that he was launching a major air strike against ISIS, and he was stepping off the plane to give an important speech about the way he was fighting terrorism and what steps he planned to prevent future terrorism. That was what got conservatives convinced the apocalypse was nigh, the president being too busy thinking about how to win a fucking war than to slow down for formality—and, just to mention it, the tradition of saluting back goes back only to Ronald Regan, once a professional actor, and there is nothing in the military code that says a president should salute back.

There are a number of reasons that I was not, shall I say, in a flutter, over the Obama administration’s actions. More than anything else, I don’t like the way, after the Bush administration was heavy-handed about executive power, Obama continued to be even more heavy-handed, rather than make some sort of formal investigation and probably end with a criminally meaningless but ceremonial, censure or denouncement. Something to basically reign in the executive powers. But the last thing conservatives really wanted was to have less power in the executive branch, because eventually, they would have the White House.

So what they did was a two part strategy: they made the issues about the man, not the policies, and then do the magic trick I call….The Amazing Double Standard!

Maybe, after all, conservatives did think the sky was falling. Until, of course, their guy was in charge.

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