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Misdirection: A Follow Up

Posted by Michael Lyman on

This is a short follow-up to article “Misdirection in the White House: Working or Not,” by Michael Lyman in early August 2017.

About a month ago I wrote an article discussing the misdirection used by the White House since Trump took office. This was an analysis of whether or not some actions are taken to deceive the American people or side-step negative media attention, even though at times the sleight of hand is much worse than what is being swept under the rug.

This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump kept up this trend with the removal of the “Dreamers” program known as DACA. In the last couple of weeks this administration pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a controversial move, not to mention the timing chosen by Trump on Friday during a hurricane that he hoped would earn him “higher ratings.”

This week; Los Angeles is burning in a fire larger than has been seen in years; yet another hurricane appears to have its sights on the American South while Houston and the rest of Southeast Texas begin recovery efforts; and Russia makes a statement of warning while the North Korean nuclear threats continue.

Don’t get me wrong, DACA needs to be granted its fair share of attention in the media and this should be seen as yet another despicable act of this horrendous president. But in the grand scheme of things, we all need to keep our eye on the ball. The White House keeps us looking at one hand so as not to see the other, and I’m afraid this could be a running article I could continue to follow-up on month after month.

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