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Let’s Make Child Labor Great Again!

Posted by Mattie S. Cooper on

The Trump Administration seems determined to roll back anything that helps ordinary American people live a decent life. Laws from Obama’s tenure are being dismantled with all the glee of toddlers given softball bats and let loose in a china store. Even worse, laws dating back many decades are under attack, especially those governing labor. 

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, is a white billionaire housewife who bought her post through her families generous contributions to the GOP. Never having spent so much as a minute in a public school herself growing up, DeVos is determined to dismantle and privatize as much of our public education system as she can get away with. What will poor, working families with children do if there are no public schools and no Headstart programs in their town? The gruesome specter of child labor looms on the horizon.

There was a hint of this possibility in the news recently. Frank Giaccio, age 11, of Falls Church, Virginia volunteered to cut the White House lawn for free. Giaccio runs his own lawn care service, charging $8 a lawn, although he didn’t charge the government for the job. Trump himself emerged from the Oval Office to check on Frank’s progress. The boy being so engrossed in his task didn’t notice the president’s presence until he stopped. Trump hailed young Mr. Giaccio’s efforts, declaring those like Frank were the “future of the country.” 

Children working for free or dirt cheap because their families can’t afford to send them to private schools because free public schools have been eliminated—I shudder to think Trump may be right.

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