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Ivanka Trump: Like Donald, Only….Um…?

Posted by Rob Mania on

Since 2016, Ivanka Trump has been on the business end of a lawsuit by Italian luxury footwear designer Aquazzura. The lawsuit is focuses on the $145 Trump Hettie Shoe, which Aquazzura accuses Ivanka Trump of being a rip-off of the $785 Wild Thing. If you haven’t seen the picture, they are both open-toed stiletto heels with a zig zag strap and a pom by the toe. The lawsuit is also about two other shoe designs. Now, I’m a guy that bought a $10 Luis Vuitton at a tag sale, so I can’t tell the difference; that’s what judges are for.

Matthew Burris, CFO of another high-fashion company, Marc Fisher, defends Ivanka with the bold claim that open-toed strappy stiletto heels with a pom is part of an ongoing fashion trend, rather than one person’s design, so she just put her own spin on it. You know, like that person who made my $10 Luis Vuitton bag just put their own spin on the classic, and I’m sure totally public domain, LV design, and put their own spin on it by making it out of shitty materials.

But, still, $785 for a pair of shoes compared to $145? How can she afford to give these away at that price? By treating her workers like shit, and not paying them, with the one-two punch of keeping them scared to complain by a government that is still very good at oppressing its people.

Li Quang, founder of China Labour Watch, described Ivanka Trump’s factory as having the worst conditions he’s ever seen in nearly 20 years. The factory paid workers a dollar an hour, and forced them to sign inaccurate pay stubs. When an undercover investigator, Hua Haifeng, tried to expose how bad conditions were, he was arrested, without access to a lawyer, and wasn’t even allowed to use a flush toilet.

Ivanka is often held up as the flagpole that centers Donald’s wild unpredictable swinging. But, I think she’s a cold, hard, calculating businesswoman. She uses the wealth and power she was born into to bully the people she competes with and stiff the people who work for her. She’s just like her father. What Ivanka lacks compared to her father in crazy and bullshit, she makes up for in evil.

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