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Trump should have never been president because: 

He has no mandate.
Republicans love to show that map of America with large blue states with pockets of red tucked away in a few corners. That’s not how Americans voted in 2016. The map looks like that because of this bizarre system where the winner takes all—of a certain area, which distills every single vote to a number of delegates, but the number of delegates is not proportional to the voters, except for Maine and Nebraska—but wait, if every state used the method of distribution than there would be an even greater chance a candidate would lose the popular vote and win the election….

Here’s the short version: The map looks that way because mountains don’t vote, people do. And in a country of 323 million people, 260 million of them did not vote for Donald Trump. The person who gets the most votes is not supposed to be the answer to a trivia question—she’s supposed to be the president.

Russia affected the outcome of the election.
The number of business ties that Trump and/or his top advisors have to Russian businesses and Russian government officials (including Putin himself) are too numerous to mention here, and more connects are being discovered with every investigation. On top of that, it’s only now that Facebook is disclosing the number of targeted ads disguised as news headlines to potential Trump voters that were from a “troll farm” in Russia.

Trump went on television and literally begged Russian hackers to break in to Clinton’s emails. Ironically, it was because Clinton had a private email server that she was protected from the same type of attack that successfully breached security in the DNC.

The US Press had access to private emails sent between members of the Democratic National Committee. You can make the argument that even though the public should not have had access to this information, it was important for the voting public to know, but if so, would it have also been fair for a complete history of Trump’s taxes to also be released to the public?

Trump saying he had nothing to do with this is exactly like a professional athlete saying he had no idea his coach was feeding him steroids. First of all, not knowing you had help is not the same as not having help. And second, are we really to believe that someone who spends every waking hour from June of 2015 to November of 2016 has so little oversight over his top people that he doesn’t notice they keep meeting top officials from Russia? Or could it be that he honestly did not know, and his combination of a lack of curiosity and a carefully orchestrated plan by his advisors to keep him in the dark made him a useful fool. 

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