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Why Is there no MPAA for the NRA?

Posted by Rob Mania on

Don’t Ban Guns! Rate Them!

I blame the NRA. And I blame gun owners.

Here’s a novel idea: Rate guns. Gun owners and the NRA have never stepped up and said, “we are the elites, we know best, we can regulate ourselves.” They don’t. Nearly every media has some sort of voluntary rating system that is enforced at the retail level. Games have the ESRA, movies have the MPAA, etc. They may not be perfect systems, but they at least make a distinction that some material is suitable for everyone, and some material is suitable for only certain people. 

The assault rifle ban, at the expense of criticizing my own side, is bullshit. It’s bullshit because “assault weapon” or “assault rifle” is a marketing term. High-capacity magazine is also a marketing term. How many is too many? A sniper rifle with a slow ROF (rate of fire) holding ten rounds large is not the same as a handgun that shoots small bullets, which is not the same as a rifle which shoots large ones.

Consider the Ruger Mini-14. It’s the “RC Cola” to The Colt Armalite 15’s/AR-15’s Coca-cola/Coke. The Ruger Mini is modest-looking hunting rifle mostly made of wood, and if you saw someone on TV holding one, you’d assume he or she is hunting some big animal. But the Mini is similar in most respects to the AR-15 in terms of the punching power and speed. Also, keep in mind that ike the AR-15, there isn’t just one gun called the Mini, there are several similar platforms. When Colt goes to, say, the US Military, or, for that matter, any military, because the US is the biggest exporter of guns in the world, the rep doesn’t sit down in front of a general and say, “it’s like the Ruger mini-14, but it’s more scary looking.” No, he’d talk about rate of fire, accuracy, bullet size, butt stocks, and other jargon that I, a wimpy liberal snowflake, will never understand.

The NRA does have a point that we liberals want to regulate guns without understanding them. And Trump, ironically enough, is pointing the finger at video games and movies, suggesting that somebody rate them—except that they already regulate themselves. Again, it’s not a perfect system, but we recognize that everyone can play Super Mario Bros. and only adults can play Immortal Carnage Predator Spawn 2: The Second Killing.” (I made that name up).

I don’t know what constitutes a proper background check, or an unnecessarily long waiting period, and the only thing I know about magazine size and rate of fire I learned from a video game that takes place in a post-nuclear apocalypse. Clearly, I am not an expert, and equally clearly, there are other people who are.

Why is it so hard for the gun companies to get together and decide that some guns are suitable for most people who need a gun, and some guns are suitable for only people with special training, licensing and experience?


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