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Experience in the Trump Administration

Posted by Michael Lyman on

While this site and the articles you read are meant to shed light on a president that by all evidence does not belong, it is important to remember some of the things that this administration are doing in the international community as illegitimate representatives of the United States.

As Americans, our democracy requires that every four years, with midterm congressional elections every two, we come together to elect those that would represent our country locally, nationally, and to the world. If you are reading this, chances are you feel as bamboozled as most Americans do by the outcome of the most recent elections.

Domestically there have been already seen, and some felt, consequences across the nation. Bans on immigration, with a pardon for a man that illegally detains immigrants, as well as the current disaster of Hurricane Harvey being met by those in the administration that deny climate change (EPA Chief Scott Pruitt), and have no background in their respective departments; HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon with no experience in urban housing, and Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education with no experience in public education that will have to help get these communities back up and running.

It is that lack of experience that should give us pause when we think of some of the more dangerous scenarios in foreign relations. The obvious and most widely discussed controversies include Russian collusion and cyber attacks, not to mention the threat of a nuclear North Korea. The Korean peninsula has been a hotbed of conflict for a long time and diplomatic efforts have always been stymied. But now we see a president making threats, met by threats, and the most recent mid-range missile sent by Kim Jong Un that flew right over Japan this week. This is getting more and more frightening.

But there are some other areas of concern that need to be addressed when referring to a lack of experience in this administration. For example, the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, a region now under the diplomatic purview of President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. All nepotism accusations aside, this is a man with absolutely no experience in this region, the history of the conflict, and now apparently no understanding of the main sticking points.

In a recent meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, Kushner echoed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that settlements in the West Bank are not going anywhere. Kushner’s reason? Because that would damage the Netanyahu government.

Let that sink in.

Allies are to be respected and protected from enemy forces if need be. That is the entire point of partnering with other nations around the world, to better secure a prosperous future for yourselves and develop mutually beneficial relationships with others. The United Nations is one example of such a partnership, and an example that includes both the US and Israel as member states. Long forgotten, however, is the fact that Zionist settlements in the West Bank are illegal according to international law and over twenty UN resolutions. But let’s set that aside. Kushner blatantly told the president of the PA, an entity created by American negotiations with both sides decades ago, that his land will continue to be taken just so the leader of the other side of this conflict, that we like better, can stay in power. This is Trump diplomacy. 

The overarching problem here, bringing it back to the current administration, is that the American people are being represented by those who, by their own admission, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Nepotism, despotism, business ties to other nations, or just plain stupidity, have led to the creation of an administration that still has not filled all of its appointed positions. The ones that are filled seem to be so by the exact opposite people that common sense would dictate are qualified.

One of the ones I was most worried about has, as of yet, stayed level headed and seems to be doing his job, even in defiance of the president. Rex Tillerson’s oil company ties and previous dealings with Russia, dealings that had been barred due to Obama era sanctions, costing him large sums of money, were a grave concern upon his appointment and were regularly reported. So far, however, I must give credit where it is due. Some in the administration, who haven’t been fired yet, are doing their jobs and putting America above party or president. The rest? Time will tell, but it’s looking rocky so far.

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