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Democracy Works

Posted by A. S. K. on

What disturbs me most about Trump’s treason—do I have to say alleged treason? ugh... alleged treason—is that it does seem to come as part of a larger conspiracy of which he is only the face.

That’s why I think that there are fewer paths out of this mire—paths that lead to positive outcomes—than we might think.

Yes we must impeach Trump. But not just Trump. We need an ironic inversion of the McCarthy hearings in which we purge ALL of the Russian agents from the Republican party: Trump, Sessions, Pence, Nunez, Ryan... I don’t see all of this happening.

Look at the way the Russian email that Junior (DeeJay TeeJay) received has NO spy skill in it. they mention Russia’s support of Trump in no uncertain terms. It’s too good. The Russians aren’t helping Trump; they’re setting him up as a patsy.

So it’s not enough to destroy the Trumps, the Kushners, and everything they own, though that would be a start. We need a speedy but level-headed judicial process to show Russia not only that we can excise this cancer but that democracy works. Not incidentally, we need to show ourselves the same truth, a truth that is only a truth if we make it so.

Democracy works. So let’s go to work.

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