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Climate Denial Comeuppance?

Posted by Mattie S. Cooper on

I laughed and clapped my hands with joy when I saw the headline: Hurricane Irma headed toward Mar-a-Lago. Wouldn’t that be ironic if Trump’s favorite golfing retreat was wiped of the map by the storm? It would certainly teach him and his intellectual equals a thing or two about the reality of climate change.

But then it hit me—wiping Mar-a-Lago off the map would result in the possible deaths and injuries for its employees, most of whom are underpaid immigrants that Trump typically hires to run his operations since he pays his workers so little. If Trump decided to take his big fat insurance check and not rebuild his golfing resort those workers would be out of jobs just at a time when they’d need a paycheck to help  rebuild their homes lost or damaged in the hurricane. As much as I’d like to see the billionaire’s playground flattened and washed out to sea, I don’t want to hurt the local economy that depends upon it to keep food in working people’s mouths.

As much as we might like to see climate deniers like Trump suffer, we need to keep the bigger picture in focus: Climate change affects all of us. We are all on this planet together, so cooperation to save it is a must. Just as rising temperatures and rising oceans will affect rich and poor alike, we need to tackle the challenges of climate change together for the sake of future generations so there is a planet intact for actual generations to live on in the future.

But how can we convince Trump to take the lead on an issue he doesn’t seem to understand? Hell, he didn’t even agree with the rather wimpy Paris Climate Agreement, and he’s intent on installing miscreants like Scott Pruitt to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency from within so even more fossil fuels can be burned, causing even more global mean temperature rise and bigger storms. Trump doesn’t seem smart enough to tie his shoe laces for himself let alone smart enough to take a strong leadership position on the paramount problem facing our planet.

The climate won’t wait for one nation among many to take the lead. Americans will just have to get used to other countries and their leaders handling and organizing an effective response. Others will lead—and we will have to follow or die. It’s that simple.

Trump supporters, I know it hurts to admit this, but “Make America Great Again” is simply code for “Trump Will Destroy America’s Chance to Lead the World In Making the Planet Safe and Healthy for All.” 

I guess we can take comfort in the knowledge that Trump has already lost his $28 million mansion on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin to Hurricane Irma and has other South Florida properties besides Mar-a-Lago at risk. Perhaps a big business loss will get through his thick skull that climate change is real and not a Chinese conspiracy?


Bruce Barth

September 12, 2017

There will be no convincing conservatives about climate change. Their calculations are decided weighed to favor the business owners and “job creators”, and not the unwashed workers. Never mind that the cost of cleaning up the increasingly destructive environmental disasters will eventually exceed the proposed expense of compliance to sensible environmentally-friendly legislation. Penny wise, pound foolish?
Conforming to sensible ecological mandates creates a burden for the rich business owners, who pay a lot of money to keep Republicans in office to vote for their interests. It doesn’t seem to matter that we all will end up paying, since they’ll pass the cost on to us. They’ll never admit there’s any connection to the pollutants they produce and the obvious effects to our fragile ecosystem. And why should they? By the time history makes their contributions to the planet’s destruction obvious, they’ll be dead, and dead people can’t be shamed. Just ask Joe McCarthy. Or Jeffrey Dahmer.

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